Hard Hat of the Year

Hard Hat of the YearLacie Davilman, New Orleans District, Mississippi Valley Division was recognized as the USACE Hard Hat of the Year by the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters.

The USACE Hard Hat of the Year Award is for the most outstanding construction field office employee who demonstrates construction quality management successes, contributions, and innovations.

As Project Engineer Team Leader, Ms. Davilman has been directly involved in 16 construction contracts over the past year that total over $300M. She has been instrumental in the Empire Lock Floodgate BCOES review, communicating the best practices that she has learned so that they may be implemented on this contract. Utilizing her knowledge as a civil construction engineer and her experience in contract administration, she generated nearly three hundred useful and constructive comments in an effort to resolve issues and conflicts prior to award. 

Davilman regularly shares her experience and knowledge in quality assurance and contract administration with subordinates and other cross-training Project Engineers. She understands that efficient execution of paperwork is vital to the timely completion of the team’s projects. She has refined her system for tracking receipts and review of submittals and RFI’s and shares her effective processes with the team. 

She has also developed an efficient process to track the survey requirements, non-compliance status, and contract documents on the team’s contracts. She has been integral in the development and implementation of the process to track benchmark verification and top of floodwall elevation surveys.

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