Emergency Manager of the Year

Kim Adkins, Readiness and Contingency Operations, operations chief for the Northwestern Division was recognized as 2014 Emergency Manager of the Year by the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters.

Her recognition as Emergency Manager of the Year spotlights her role as the Civil Emergency Program Manager for POD during day-to-day operations and in support of disaster response operations.

Adkins deployed twice in rapid succession and with short notice to serve under the National Response Framework as an ESF#3 (Emergency Support Function, Public Works and Engineering) assistant team leader in support of hurricane/typhoon response operations within POD’s area of operations.

Adkins also served as the lead planner for a 2014 Combined Response Mission Exercise in Alaska involving USACE, FEMA, and the State of Alaska.

She is dedicated to promoting personal preparedness to the workforce and has independently developed several initiatives to enhance readiness across POD.

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