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EM 385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements Manual

How to Obtain: 

    - Government employees, Member of the public:  USACE does not sell the EM 385-1-1.  An electronic copy is available on the USACE publications site.  In addition, copies can be purchased from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) for $80.00/copy.  A single copy can be obtained by sending an email with a mailing address to the USACE PUBLICATIONS DEPOT.    In addition, an electronic version is available as an iPhone/iPad App for a fee.

    - Contractors:  When USACE awards a contract, a hard copy of the EM 385-1-1 can be obtained from the awarding district's contracting or safety and health office.  In addition, see ordering information provided above to members of the public.

    - USACE District/Division Offices and other Government Entities ONLY:  Send an email to the USACE-SO requesting number of hard copies needed and provide a mailing address.

TRAINING:  When the 2008 EM 385-1-1 was published, a training document was produced as well.  This document identifies the major changes in the EM 385-1-1, 2008 from the previous version, including rationale.    Click HERE for changes made in sections 1 through 15.  Click HERE for changes made in sections 16-34.

EM 385-1-1 and Published Changes and Errata:  there are currently 1 Errata and 7 changes published to the 2008 EM 385-1-1.  The EM 385-1-1, 2008, in provided in various languages and those versions and the published changes are available on the US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS PUBLICATIONS SITE. In addition, due to demand, the EM 385-1-1, 2008 is available with all these changes incorporated into it.  This version of the EM 385-1-1 is available and is identified as the "CONSOLIDATED EM 385-1-1". This version is immediately applicable to all government workers and to contractors as well, although applicability of changes is based on date of contract solicitation.  

Change #7:  Effective 20 July 2012, and for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 27 Jul 12 or later. Summary:  Corrects inaccurate conversions in Tables 16-3 and 11-2, clarifies and corrects several rigging requirements, Consolidates (for USACE Crane Operators ONLY) crane/hoist classifications from 3 to 2 and clarifies training requirements. 

Change #6:  Effective 18 July 2011, and for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 18 Jul 11 or later. Summary:  adds new tables to Section 11 for clearance from power lines; replaces Section 16 in its entirety due to substantial changes in cranes/derricks and hoisting equipment requirements; deletes Appendix I totally; adds to Section 18, Appendix S and Q.  What changed and why?  Click HERE to find out.

Change #5: Effective 1 April 2011, and for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 21 Apr 11 or later:  Summary: replaces Section 15, in its entirety, with a revised Section 15 due to substantial changes in rigging requirements.  What changed and why?  Click HERE to find out.

Change #4: Effective 9 March 2011, and for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 9 Mar 11 or later:  Summary:  affects Paragraph 20.A.04 and allows testing of pressurized systems for structural integrity or leaks using pressurized gases or air, under certain conditions.  In the past, only hydrostatic testing was allowed, except for POL storage tanks.

Change #3:  Effective 1 June 2010 and for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 1 June 2010 or later:  Summary:  Eliminates redundant policy for use of auto-inflatable PFDs, rescinds USACE's Auto-Inflatable PFD Standards of Use Procedures, updates requirements to current industry and manufacturer product lines.

Change #2:  Dated 15 October 2010/Effective immediately for USACE/government employees and 1 November 2010 for all contracts whose date of solicitation is 1 Nov 10 or later.  These changes/updates are required to: streamline, improve and clarify fall protection requirements addressed in various sections. 

Change #1:  Dated 5 April 2010/Effective retroactively for all contract work in Afghanistan and Iraq;  Effective 5 April 2010 for all other contracts whose date of solicitation is 5 April 2010 or later; Summary:  Addresses changes in Sections 1 and 6, related to the presence/potential presence of hazardous materials on a work site.

Errata #1:  Dated/Effective 5 March 2010; provides for administrative changes throughout the EM 385-1-1, 2008.