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EM 385-1-1, 2008 Revision

USACE is revising the 2008 EM 385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirements Manual.  The final draft has been posted and THE COMMENT PERIOD HAS CLOSED.  Due to the number of comments received and the substantive changes being considered to the EM, the proposed publication date has been anicipated to be approxiately April/May 2014.  

The final section titles are presented below for your reference.  The final sections will be posted as soon as they can be released.     

Sections 1-10 

Sections 11-20   Sections 21-30 Sections 31-34  Appendix/Other 
1 - Program Management 11- Electrical 21 - Fall Protection 31 - Tree Maintenance and Removal  Intro Letter
2 - Sanitation 12-Control of Hazardous Energy 22 - Work Platforms and Scaffolding 32 - Airfield and Aircraft Operations  Appendix A - Basic Outline for Accident Prevention Plan
3 - Medical and First Aid Requirements 13 - Hand and Power Tools

23- Demolition, Renovation and Re-Occupancy

33-Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

Appendix B - Emergency Operations
4 - Temporary Facilities 14-Material Handling, Storage and Disposal 24-Safe Access (Includes Ladders, Floor & Wallk Openings, Stairs and Railing Systems) 34 - Confined Space Entry Appendix D - Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor Program

5-Personal Protective and Safety Equipment

15 - Rigging 25 - Excavation and Trenching Appendix O - Manning Levels for Dive Teams
6 - Hazardous and Toxic Agents or Environments 16 - Load Handling Equipment (LHE) 26-Underground Construction (tunnels), Shafts, and Caissons   Appendix Q - Definitions
7 - Lighting 17 - Conveyors 27-Concrete, Masonry, Roofing and Residential Construction   Appendix R - Metric Conversion tables
8-Accident Prevention Signs, Tags, Label, Signals, Piping System Identification and Traffic Control 18 - Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment

28 - Steel Erection

*Note - this is a new section 28.  Steel Erection was extracted from Section 27 as a stand-alone

  Appendix S - References and Resources
9 - Fire Prevention and Protection 19 - Floating Plant and Marine Activities



  Appendix U - Floating Plant/Marine Railing Types

10 - Welding and Cutting

20-Pressurized Equipment and Systems 30 - Diving Operations