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Going Green: Sustainability in Action

For more than 40 years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been working hard to be good environmental stewards.  During the past decade, those efforts have expanded to embrace sustainability -- an umbrella concept that encompasses energy, climate change and the environment to ensure that what we do today doesn't negatively impact tomorrow. Through our work in the environmental and sustainability arenas through all our mission areas (civil works, military missions and research and development), we are making smart investments for the future, saving taxpayer dollars, and working in collaboration with other federal agencies and our partners. These videos and articles showcase sustainability, energy and environmental projects that are helping the Army and the nation.

Going Green Video

Sustainability Articles

Going Green: Sustainable coastal North Carolina tidal marsh still thriving after 16 years
In 1996 Wilmington District biologists and engineers, with help from other North Carolina resource agencies, designed and constructed a former dredged material disposal island to offset impacts from construction of the Army Reserve Center in Morehead City, and turned it into a thriving coastal tidal marsh. Sixteen years later the marsh is a sustainable ecosystem that has exceeded the Corps' goals and expectations.
Published: 4/29/2013
Going Green: Wind turbine installed on Fort Buchanan
The first of three 275-kilowatt wind turbines to be erected on Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, started producing energy April 19. The turbines are part of a 10-project energy and water reduction effort that, in addition to installing wind power generation, includes solar photovoltaic systems, and water conservation measures.
Published: 4/29/2013
Going Green: Corps builds largest induction solar wall in the country
HARRISBURG, PA -- As the sun beats down on one of the biggest buildings in the country, solar thermal collectors go to work providing enough heat for a 1.7 million square foot warehouse.
Published: 4/29/2013