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Microgrid CXS

The mission of the Microgrid Center of Expertise in Sustainability (CXS) is

  1. To grow into an integral contributor to Department of Defense (DOD) "Net Zero" initiatives.
  2. To share microgrid existing knowledge, identify issues and work to resolve barriers and resolve unknown market impacts. Share questions/concerns/lessons learned with energy community to address latest successes, develop guidance or address shared challenges.
  3. To educate Army Corps of Engineers employees and Army Corps of Engineers stakeholders about where and when a microgrid would be beneficial. Educate users as to the equipment and conditions necessary for a microgrid and the benefits of a microgrid: energy security and reduced fuel usage.
  4. To facilitate the identification of need for microgrids and work with various stakeholders to broker funding arrangements to fund microgrid projects. The need for this is shown by the example of a necessary microgrid at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to serve various customers including the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The Microgrid CXS will also work for legislative action to resolve various fiscal barriers for funding of various necessary microgrid projects.

Contact: Microgrid@usace.army.mil