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Commissioning CXS

The mission of the Commissioning Center of Expertise in Sustainability (CXS) is to provide knowledge creation and sharing throughout USACE in the area of Total Building commissioning. Total Building commissioning is the quality-based process of ensuring that the facility that has been designed and constructed meets the owner's project requirements.

Total Building commissioning is a disciplined approach to ensuring that the building meets the owner's needs. Some features of commissioning include development and execution of a commissioning plan, witnessing and verifying construction phase tests, periodic site observations during the construction phase, and performing commissioning functional and verification testing as the project nears completion, submittals review, and developing training needs and evaluating training delivered by the contractors. It also includes a post occupancy visit to ensure that all building systems are fully integrated and the building is operating as intended. The main goal of the commissioning process is to improve a project from the design phase through post construction and occupancy.

A team and with a team leader (typically known as the commissioning authority) performs the commissioning. The Commissioning leadership structure, including roles and responsibilities, shall be fully defined in the project requirements documents, as the structure may vary depending on the acquisition strategy, size, complexity of the project, and expertise of the participants. Regardless of leadership structure, the process requires full and open communication among all parties to maximize the benefits of the process.

Contact: Commissioning@usace.army.mil