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Charrette and Conceptual Modeling CXS

The mission of the Charrette and Conceptual Modeling Center of Expertise in Sustainability (CXS) is to provide knowledge creation and sharing throughout USACE in the area of eco-charrettes and conceptual modeling for renewable energy, sustainability and life-cycle cost analysis in facility and building systems. Whether called Eco-Charrettes, Sustainability Charrettes, or Energy Charrettes, the goal is to optimize energy conservation and sustainability while balancing function, operation and maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. Project and site-specific sustainability measures are researched, analyzed, and discussed collaboratively with the appropriate project stakeholders.

The Eco-Charrette idea should be applied to the planning, project definition, and design phases of a project. During project planning, the Eco-Charrette effort is focused on identifying the features necessary to meet project goals and determining the associated cost in order to obtain the funding required for implementation.

During design phase, the Eco-Charrette is a critical part of the methodology for providing an integrated design and is focused on optimizing the sustainability of the building project within the funding available.

Contact: Charettes@usace.army.mil