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Posted 7/18/2012

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By Doug Garman
Headquarters USACE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) announces the launch of a new website that will provide the public and industry with real-time data on U.S. flag and foreign vessels transiting USACE-owned and operated lock structures nationally.  Data is entered into the USACE Lock Performance Monitoring System each time a vessel transits a lock. This new site will make available daily and half-hourly information on current vessel traffic and hydrologic conditions. Information on companies or commodities is considered privileged information and will not be posted on the new site. The new website can be found at http://corpslocks.usace.army.mil/.

The LPMS replaces the lock information formerly found on the Navigation Information Connection and expands near real time data to all USACE locks. USACE has collected vessel traffic data through its lock structures since 1975 and has provided the information to industry and the public through the years in various formats from CDs, electronic files and the Web. This is the first time users will be able to access the information in real-time for the entire waterway network of all navigation  locks.

This information is used externally by industry and the public and internally by USACE operations personnel to monitor the physical performance of their locks and used to study the characteristics of vessel traffic on specific segments of a waterway and predict the impact of system changes.

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