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Military Munitions Support Services or M2S2 encompasses the full spectrum of work performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to address unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, munitions constituents, and recovered chemical warfare material during military munitions response, operational range sustainment, and construction support activities.


M2S2 serves to focus the Corps of Engineers management, technical, and support elements to ensure safe, effective, and efficient response to its customers’ national and international munitions requirements.


M2S2 is a subset of the Corps of Engineers Environmental Division with an annual workload of about $400 million.


The types of M2S2 projects the Corps of Engineers executes include:


•     Defense Environmental Restoration-funded Military Munitions Response Program projects at Formerly Used Defense Sites and for customers at Army, Air Force, and National Guard Bureau installations

•     Base Realignment and Closure Environmental Restoration-funded Military Munitions Response Program

•     Operational range support for the Army, Air Force, and National Guard Operational Range Assessment Programs, Environmental Quality-funded environmental compliance and compliance cleanup projects on operational ranges, operations and maintenance funded range clearance projects, and Sustainable Range Program research, development, testing, and evaluation performed by U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center laboratories

•     International missions in support of Combatant Commands and Overseas Contingency Operations to include battlefield unexploded ordnance and mine clearance, captured enemy ammunition disposal, and unserviceable joint services munitions disposal.

•     Munitions and explosives of concern Construction Support activities on military construction projects, Range and Training Land Program unexploded ordnance support during range modernization, and Civil Works project support such as when dredging in munitions impacted waters

•     Department of Defense chemical warfare material responses regardless of program funding source


The Special Assistant for M2S2 provides corporate level oversight and fosters collaboration across programs within the Corps of Engineers through the National Program Managers, Divisions, Project Management Districts, Military Munitions Design Centers, Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise, Army Engineer Research and Development Center, and Headquarters Safety Office.


The Special Assistant for M2S2 also collaborates with other Department of Defense, Federal, State, and industry organizations to address M2S2 issues. As part of this activity, the Special Assistant represents the Corps of Engineers on munitions related staffing actions and serves on various munitions and military range standing committees.


Advisory Board
The M2S2 Advisory Board works to identify issues and provide recommendations on organizational, programmatic, technical, safety, policy, resource allocation, and acquisition challenges. The M2S2 Advisory Board is chaired by the Corps of Engineers Environmental Division Chief and is comprised of the Special Assistant for M2S2, the Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise Military Munitions Division Chief, and the five Military Munitions Design Center Chiefs. The M2S2 Advisory Board meets quarterly.


M2S2 activities are performed by project delivery teams consisting of members of the M2S2 community of practice who are concentrated in the Military Munitions Design Centers and the Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise. These organizations are designated in Engineer Regulation 1110-1-8153. They maintain the technical competency, staffing levels, and contracts necessary to support customer M2S2 requirements.


The M2S2 Community of Practice fosters the regular interaction of its membership to collectively learn, solve problems, build skills and competencies, and develop best practices to ensure the safe, effective, and efficient response to our customer’s national and international munitions-related requirements.


There are five Military Munitions Design Centers – Baltimore District, Huntsville Center, Omaha District, the South Pacific and Southwestern Divisions Range Support Center and the Chemical Warfare Material Design Center – that support Corps of Engineers Districts in the execution of M2S2 related projects and activities.


The Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise at the Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville supports M2S2 related programs and the community of practice with independent quality reviews, guidance development, training, and other technical, safety, or regulatory support.

Bottom Line
As the Nation’s Environmental Engineer, the Corps of Engineers provides worldwide Military Munitions Support Services to the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies. Through its M2S2 organization, the Corps of Engineers sustains a specialized, highly qualified, and experienced civilian and contractor workforce ready to address military munitions issues in the environment. With safety as its top priority, the Corps of Engineers has and will continue to provide effective and efficient execution of M2S2 related programs and projects to its customers.


For More Information on M2S2: (202) 761-0338.